About us

company overview

Macro by definition is larger in scale, scope and capabilities and with our correlated divisions and services the name Macros has emerged to represent us and how we operate.
Macros Group is a business development and management consulting firm specialized in managing, developing companies and consulting.

Macros Group owns, manages and develops a group of divisions with each division having its own specialty and entity to provide the power and knowledge in the fields that they operate in.

At Macros we provide our clients with consolidated consulting services that serves their need and assures reach of the clients objective. By enabling and structuring the clients strategies that leads to their success.

Macros Group’s aim is to assist company owners and managers to strive in success with their business; by dealing with our clients as if we are a department of their own, seeking what is best for them and advising them to the path of success.
Macros Group teams are outer visionaries, professionals and business conscious whom share the client’s mission and vision to help them take their company to new limits.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a turnkey solution that will fulfill their needs and requirements; by meeting our clients expectations on deadlines, quality and customer service.

Our Values

Helping companies grow by defining their business goals and steps to achieve them.



Providing services in our expertise and setting client’s goals at a main priority.



Being result oriented to our clients’ needs and reaching beyond their expectations.



Turning any circumstance in to a positive action towards the client’s needs.



Client relations are long term relation. Clarity, honesty and direct communication are key elements to our culture.



Consistency and commitment in providing the best services and end results to our clients.